Live Necromancy

by Manic Disease



released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Persekutor Innsbruck, Austria

I got no worries I don't care what I do,
I'm gonna walk all over you,
Loving hard and getting high,
Hell's the place I'm gonna die.

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Track Name: Necromantic Force
When i was born,the sun refused to shine
It was Darkest winters night
They say i was doomed,Cursed
My Mother A witch

Now i Wander at graveyeards
Under a clear night sky
Black magic force
I Ascend Black throne of Darkness

Ref. Necromantic Force
Summon The Dead

Sarcifice your soul,Be my Slave
Become Soldier of night
The world will burn,Evil Destruction
I summon Kingdom Of Hell

Beware the end is near
Black Magic Force
I ascend black throne of darkness

Necromantic Force
Summom The dead

Now as the dead world lies upon me
I wander the wastlands
There is no sun Shinig
Just darkness Ahead

My soul is ready,For Astral journey
Cosmic powers guide my ways
In solitude my spirit will Wander
TIll the end of Time
Till the end of Time